Interview with Singer Dani X of American Sellout

By Mick Michaels


Cosmick View: Hello! Welcome to The Cosmick View. Thank you for taking some time out of your day to chat with me, it's greatly appreciated.

Dani X: Greetings! 

CV: Tell us a bit about yourself, your band and anything that is currently going on.

Dani X: I am the frontman to Heavy Metal band American Sellout. So far we only have our single "Earthbound" out at the moment, but are currently in the process of getting our album completed. 

CV: Given so many major changes over the last decade, do you believe the music industry is a practicable and stable enough environment for new artists to even consider making it a valid career choice? Can a level of sustainable success really be achieved in your opinion?

Dani X: Yes, it can be achieved, because by having a way to distribute your music online you can get it out to the masses. By that being said, there also is an over saturation with anybody releasing stuff so if you are going to release music and want to really be successful you are going to have to do your best to stand out from the others. The music business is more competitive in that regard. 

CV: What do you see as the biggest change in the music industry since you first started out?

Dani X: I started out in my Glam Metal band about 12 years ago, and the only real change I have seen is there is more platforms to get your music out. I remember back then everyone had a Reverbnation (page) I hardly see a link to that website at all.

CV: How do you see your music separating itself from your peers and avoiding just being another cog in the wheel?

Dani X: We honestly just like writing music…and having songs about mythology, History, or just good storytelling. Now to set us apart from our peers, we like to take our stage show and make it as interactive as we can with the crowd.

CV: Has the industry’s many changes affected how you write music? Has it influenced your songwriting style in any drastic form?

Dani X: Not in the least. We continue writing about subject matters that we like.

CV: Has digital technology led the way for almost anyone to be a musical artist in your opinion?

Dani X: It has and, as I stated before, anyone can release their own music. Before you had to wait to be spotted by an A&R agent, or even spend lots of money on studio time. Currently with us we have our own studio. Pretty much invested in our equipment. So yes technology has helped paved the way for many bands/artists to be heard, and seen.

CV: Has music in general been broken into too many sub-genres? Why do think there are so many classifications of music types? Can this be confusing for an artist who is looking to build a brand? As well, can it be confusing for the fans?

Dani X: Yes!!!! There are way too many sub genres, what happened to just saying it's Metal. There are honestly many sub-genres for metal, probably some i don't even know yet. Many people like to categorize themselves, but i feel that puts you in a box not allowing yourself to be able to venture outside that style. With American Sellout we are just heavy metal, therefore we allow ourselves to add any of our metal influences in the songs. So yes, it can be hard to build your brand based on categorizing yourself as one sub-genre.

CV: How would you define “iconic” when it comes to being an artist or musician? What do you think makes an artist iconic?

Dani X: I believe what makes an artist iconic is the way they play their instrument…or sing. Or even how they write their songs...but what is also tied to that is how they hold themselves on stage, and in the public’s eye.

CV: Who would you consider to be a modern day “rock star?” And is being a “rock star” something to aspire to?

Dani X: All our peers are rockstars as soon as they hit that stage, but one thing to remember is to leave that attitude on stage. Yes by having that rockstar attitude on stage your show can go a long way. 

CV: Does music need to have a message to convey to the world for it to be worth listening to in your opinion?
Dani X: Not really a message, but it does need to have substance. We write stories. So all a band needs to do is captivate the listener with their song.

CV: What's next for the band? What can fans expect to see coming?

Dani X: Oh so much! We have an album, and working out of town shows for parts of Texas and Arizona for now...a storm is brewing! 

CV: Thank you again for spending some time talking and sharing with our readers. It was a pleasure. I wish you all the best and continued success.

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