The Cosmick View staff:

Editor and Chief: Mick Michaels

Consulting Editor: Pamela Marie
Assisting Editor: Antonio Aloia

We have worked with many Labels, Magazines and PR Companies including:
Chipster PR & Consulting
O'Donnell PR
Infected Cells PR
Killsound Productions
March Baby Media
MetalMessage PR
Moxie PR
Stencil PR
Rogue PR
Metal Babe Mayhem
NRM Promotions
Metal Coffee PR
BFJ Media PR
Dewar PR
Online Metal Promo
The Albright Entertainment Group
Red String Music
Wolfson Entertainment Inc.
Pure Power Darkside Management

Sin City Presents Magazine
The Metal Mag

Perris Records
Shadows of Death Records
Golden Robot Records
Mighty Music/Target Group
Exquisite Noise Records
Demon Doll Records

and many, many more...


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