Interview with Terry LeRoi from Granny 4 Barrel

By Mick Michaels

COSMICK VIEW: Hello again, Granny! Welcome back to The Cosmick View. Thank you for taking some time out of your day to chat with me, it's greatly appreciated.

Terry LeRoi: Hi Mick!! Thank you for having me, it’s always a pleasure!

CV: Do you believe that for other artists, and even the fans, to truly respect who you are and what you do as an artist yourself, they need to fear you and or what you do on some level? Would fear then in turn keep them engaged?
TL: I’m not sure I would call it fear…. But I like the word dangerous. When a band takes chances with their look and their general artistry and are unafraid of what people think, I have a ton of respect for that. One of my favorite bands, Rammstein is a perfect example. This band has so many incredible elements packed into it…from originality…to heaviness …to the element of danger.

They are not concerned with what anyone thinks about them and are unafraid to take risks with their artistry and the themes that they write about. Their look and their videos are over the top…there is always an element of danger present with the name Rammstein. In a way I guess I am kind of afraid of them…But not in a bad way LOL....more in a kick total ass rock ‘n’ roll way!!

So my respect for that band comes from the chances that they are willing to take. That certainly keeps me engaged!!

CV: With so many artists and bands emerging almost daily these days, what do you feel separates the truly great artists from those who may be just taking up space or going through the motions? What’s the dividing line?
TL: Back to my answer above. I think it’s a band’s willingness to take risks and their determination to blaze a new trail. In this business there is a lot of “follow the leader” You know what I’m talking about Mick...there is always some artist who is willing to step off the ledge and create a new sound and a new look and when they show up on the scene seemingly out of nowhere, people are completely taken by surprise. When that band blows up there are countless other copycat bands that follow suit. So I think the dividing line is the originality, the willingness to take risks and blaze your own trail and the determination to make it happen!

CV: Where do you see Granny 4 Barrel sitting among the sea of modern Heavy Metal acts as it pertains to pushing the envelope of the genre for future generations of artists? Has G4B raised the proverbial bar in your opinion?
TL: I don’t like to compare Granny 4 Barrel to other bands but I can say from my perspective we are very happy with the originality of the vision. I mean, I can’t think of another heavy-metal act that has an old woman character for a front person LOL. As far as raising the bar…I’m not sure if we have raised the bar but I can say for certain that we have stepped out of the box! On a side note, I’ve been watching a lot of Puscifer videos lately…Maynard is also one of my favorite artists...I think that Puscifer is kind of in the same wheelhouse as G4B

s new single, The Art of Deception, is now out and available. Tell us a little about the song and was its writing inspired or provoked by the events of 2020?
TL: The song begs the question…”Who do you trust?” Your friends...your leaders? There are deceptive infiltrators among us. They have selfish agendas…. And they are ravenous wolves in sheep‘s clothing. They practice the art of deception! 

The song was just finished before the events of 2020 but the same principles and themes apply. As you know the theme of deceptive leaders and friends…those closest to you deceiving you for their own personal gain, is as old as humanity. 

CV: Spotify has seen an incredible jump in daily uploads, currently totaling over 60K plus a day. What does a bands PR strategy with releasing a new single in the current overloaded streaming marketplace need to look like or include that enables a song to be heard and not be overlooked or lost in the shuffle?
TL: The value of great PR cannot be stressed enough. As you say 60,000 uploads a day! How do you compete with that? Well first answer the question: Is what you’re doing and creating original? Is it outstanding? Is it of the highest quality? Is the song relatable? If so an artist would be well advised to find either a PR firm to help get that music and vision to a larger audience.… And/or have a great strategy building your social media engagement and followers…. We’re not talking about vanity streams and vanity follows…we’re talking about true engagement. Your fans, your true committed fans will help you get the word out

CV: Many people feel that digital downloading is primarily a younger listeners consumption choice.  Do you agree and if so, based on that theory, do digital releases alienate older listening audiences and ultimately hurt a band's overall reach in your opinion?
TL: This day and age I would think even old-school folks are hip enough to the digital scene so that they are capable of downloading songs or purchasing songs from a streaming service like Spotify. It’s the world we live in now. I don’t feel like it hurts a band’s reach…. I feel like it gives bands even better opportunities to be experienced.

CV: Besides not being able to perform live, did you find 2020 to be a productive year as a songwriter?
TL: Very productive! I did a lot of writing and I started the band LeRoi XIII.... We’ve been having a lot of fun with that project and we’ve got more songs coming out with more all-star players!

CV: How would you define sustainability for a band, especially for a young, up and coming act, in the current music industry climate? 
TL: Sustainability goes hand-in-hand with your determination to reach your goals. If a band/artist is determined enough and they have set a clear goal for themselves there is nothing that can stop them no matter what obstacles or climate!

CV: Given so much thats happened over the last 12 months, what has been the greatest lesson learned being an artist?
TL: I always look at the glass half full. So whenever something happens or some adversity shows up to change the flow of things…. I always say to myself OK well, we can’t do this currently...but what can we do?

With that in mind I started another project, LeRoi XIII.... I also have a ton of brand new original song ideas. And I’ve been focusing a lot more on my singing and learning more and more about my voice.

CV: In addition to the band
s new single and video, what else can fans look forward to see coming from Granny 4 Barrel in 2021?
TL: Just working on a tour strategy…. Our management is having some great conversations with agencies and promoters. So as soon as live performance gets the green light we will be ready to go. In the meantime more writing and more songs being released under G4B and LeRoi XIII 

CV: Thank you again Terry for spending some time talking and sharing with our readers. It was a pleasure. I wish you all the best.
TL: It’s always my pleasure Mick!! And thank you so much for keeping the flame of heavy-metal alive with all that you do!!!


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