Interview with Tali Green of Nicarus (Israel)

By Mick Michaels

COSMICK VIEW: Hello, Tali! Welcome to The Cosmick View. Thank you for taking some time out of your day to chat with me, it's greatly appreciated.

CV: Experimentation in music has always been an underlying path for many artists; whether it’s subliminal or overtly in your face and over the top.  How important is experimentation for you as an artist and even more so, how important is it for the listener's experience?
Tali Green: All art is experimentation in my opinion; it's the challenge of the soul of any individual to thrive. When the experimentation stops, art stops and the personal, individual growth stops too.

This is when you feel you get stuck, because you are…you hide in patterns you already know and fear from changes, it's natural, everyone is going through this.

The moment you understand you were placed on this planet to simply be a better human is when you start getting yourself into art, whatever it is. And for the listeners…well, as an observer you collect all the information around you and create something new, this is "being inspired." I believe it is very important to collect interesting stuff, so you can create and become interesting stuff…it is important to any civilization progression.

Or you can just copy others' work, but you will always stay a copy.

CV: Does writing for you involve taking the audience perspective...writing in such a manner that what moves them musically and lyrically is taken into consideration?  Or is it more of a personal approach and more geared toward what you want to do?
TG: I can never guess what people love. I barely know what I love at times.

I don't think you can take someone else's perspective, you can try but you will probably fail, life is full of surprises and people especially…as long as you try and develop your own perspective you already create something worth sharing, this is how I see it anyway. Don't try to read my mind and I won't try to read yours! That’s the deal!

CV: How important is it for you as an artist to be able to connect with your audience? Is there a line for you, however, that shouldn't be crossed when looking to make a connection between artist and fan?

TG: That's a good one! Because I wonder about it too…can't say I figured it out yet. I mean, I don't believe in the concept of "fan" so much…people are people. I hate the “man-god/ woman-goddess” concept…despise it actually. Artists can be really full with themselves.  Maybe this is why it's a hard one. I always loved talking  to and reaching out to people who I respect and my idols who inspired me of course…I have a lot of respect for what they brought to the world but I never lose my mind, well... It's easy to say for me because I live in Israel. It's kind of isolated. I mean, I don't know what will happen if I see Gilmour for example, I might die, true. But for me the thought that some will react like that seems too bizarre! I think my confusion might be solved if anyone who reaches out to me and he/she are fans of mine, if they can hold a sign that says "fan" so I won’t get confused and cross all lines with my great sense of humor and traumatize the poor individual.

Sure, it's important to me to talk with people who find interest in my art. I want people to tell me they like what I do if they do…it gives power, since I am stuck in myself. It's hard to see the good parts. I always assume if no one says anything it sucks! Haha…true.

CV: Tell us briefly about the new album, "Coal People Coal Puppets,' coming in 2021.  What can fans expect…any surprises that will catch them off guard?

TG: I don't have instructions but just do what I do when I listen to music…put it in your car, open the windows, breathe that cool air wherever you are at and enjoy the ride. This is just a piece of me. They will not find someone else there if that's what they are expecting…just a collage of my psychotic events I call life…of the last couple of years. 


CV: After an album is written and recorded, where do you find yourself as an artist?  Is there a sense of accomplishment or is that just the beginning? Do you find that you leave a little piece of yourself on the table after each project? TG. Great question. It is like dying, like having a baby…it's painful! 

For me, I can get really obsessed over the creative process and when it's done, it's where I start to process the process…there are doubts and moments of extreme pride, moments of regrets…this is when it's all afloat. You feel like you want to take a vacation from yourself just to find out there's no one else there.

Like driving hours to a party all excited just to find out you are the only one who has arrived. That kind of shock…triple it, and maybe you can reach that level of intensity I am talking about. 


CV: How has the COVID pandemic affected the music industry in Israel? Have artists found a way to cope and stay connected with their fans?
TG: If we thought social media killed it all we then got that “great fun” to make sure we are completely off the trail.

It's comfy for people to be disconnected; this is how they don't need to confront their own selves. I think the real pandemic is our lack of common sense and ability to connect into the warriors inside us…the hero’s journey…as part in the album, and that was always the case. We had once in a while episodes of losing our collective minds, but we always shook our heads and snapped out of it. This time, we dug this really big grave in the ground where we have taken us all and our culture into.

I will always believe the human spirit is stronger than that, but the problem is always the fear of authority that we have…by giving up our freedom, rights and power to them, they are getting more aggressive and the justice system more numb. We are creating this…we create a new consensus with our empty and dangerous mantras without fact checking and common sense…we wake up when it's too late.

So back to music…many feel that humanity is not deserving of real music anymore…soul thrive, remember? I must say, it's hard to stay positive when everything seems to be so off track. BUT I know it’s never people's fault, only the way this system is structured. That helps me to not give up on humanity at times like that. Keep speaking your mind…just make sure it's indeed YOUR mind before you do it! When we solve that, we will solve everything.


CV: Why do you feel Rock as a whole has been on a steady decline in popularity in Israel? It is a matter of taste or is there more of an underlying political or religious reason behind it in your opinion?
TG: First, I don't think rock was on decline here, maybe others do and I can understand it because lack of honesty that creates good music does happen here like in many places around the globe. Honesty might create good rock music but not a good…here is your answer.

Staying honest and surviving life here is one of the hardest, close to impossible things a person can do. I am not having an easy life because of it, let’s make that clear!

Politics and religions like mysterious pandemics are all distractions that help make sure we stay enslaved to the grinding machine, so no doubt it is affecting people.

I just have that thing in my brain that every time I see bullshit, it triggers me into more doing. I have wired myself this way, so “they”, whoever "they" are…bad aliens, a bunch who control and steer the world direction, whatever you want to call that dark force… so they will never win me! I just keep going and creating…it's also my pills so it's a win-win. I guess, this is why I say that nothing can overcome human spirit. People are doing amazing things when they forget to try to be the best because they already are. You're good just the way you are…keep doing whatever it is that sparks and challenges your spirit…we need all of you now.

CV: In addition to the new album's release, what can we expect to see coming from Nicarus in 2021?

TG: I am working on a live performance that I was planning to do anyway, not instead of a regular one, just as more content. I might charge few dollars to watch it. Again, like I would do anyway as a pay for the content I worked on, but I would definitely not call it "a ticket." I hate when bands and artists are doing this…I think it's insulting. After all, let’s remember this is not a real live show, let’s not call things the way they aren't and just be honest about it all.

I hope to go on stage with my live show performance soon, but until that will be an option, it’s everything but “live”…it’s dead as dead can be.

I also plan on shooting another video for the song “C.P.C.P” very soon. It is, again, a small and very DIY production that I am going to do but I am going to take the post-video art into new directions this time. Will see how that goes....

I am also working on a very interesting cover for a song in Hebrew that I translated to English…it’s going to be a mixture of Hebrew and English. 

CV: Thank you again Tali for spending some time talking and sharing with our readers. I wish you all the best and continued success.


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