Interview with Vocalist Chloe “Skarlett” Drinkwater of Skarlett Riot (UK)

By Mick Michaels

COSMICK VIEW: Hello, Skarlett! Welcome to The Cosmick View. Thank you for taking some time out of your day to chat with me, it's greatly appreciated.

CV: Do you feel artists are often more aware and in touch with their inner emotions and thoughts than non-artists due to the nature of their creative personalities? And if so, do you see it as a benefit when it comes to composing and songwriting for Skarlett Riot?
Chloe “Skarlett” Drinkwater: I wouldn’t say more aware but artists are able to express their emotions with creativity, which for me, allows me to healthily get my emotions out there and express my feelings. I feel lucky in the way that I can have a sense of release by writing when I’m going through something.

CV: For an artist to be successful, do you think having an in-depth knowledge of worldly topics can provide a stronger pallet of songwriting tools as opposed to the artist who just writes based on personal experiences? Do you see any limitations in your opinion?
Skarlett: I feel artists should write about what they truly believe in from the heart, a good song is about emotion and passion and putting it across in the lyrics and melody. I think the delivery of a song is put across best when you’re writing about something that means a lot to you, whatever that is.

CV: The new norm has turned the music industry on its heels and back again due to the COVID pandemic.  What do you see as a way bands will move forward to promote themselves as restrictions continue to be in effect worldwide? Do you feel there will be any issues with your upcoming November tour in the UK?
Skarlett: We are lucky in the UK as everything has re-opened up, the only thing needed into venues is COVID passports or a negative test, I think this in itself might put people off going to venues if the regulations are unclear. I think bands are itching to get back on the stage properly now. For those who can’t, I think the virtual live stream shows have worked well for bands throughout COVID.

CV: Can the music world survive without live performances in your opinion? Could such a scenario jeopardize fan loyalty and interest?
Skarlett: It’s definitely a challenging time, live music has been missed a lot, although people are adaptable and stick together. I’d like to think it wouldn’t take away fan interest due to the use of social media keeping people connected.

CV: For you, what has been the greatest life lesson learned from the events sustained by the pandemic?
Skarlett: Definitely to live one day at a time. We’ve been so used to planning months and months ahead that you don’t have time to stop and think and appreciate every day for what it is. The pandemic gave us time to reflect and appreciate what we have.

CV: If you could go back in time and start 2020 all over again, what would you do differently, especially knowing what you know now?
Skarlett: We would definitely have got the album recorded and finished before March 2020, haha. We went in to record “Invicta” the night before lockdown struck so it became very difficult to complete the album.

CV: What do you believe separates Skarlett Riot’s music from other similar sounding bands? How does the band’s music make a distinction and what are you hoping fans come away with after listening to your music?
Skarlett: I always joke and say we are like Katy Perry meets Bullet for My Valentine. We mix elements of metal with rock and pop, a lot of people comment on my voice and how they know it’s me without having to see anything. We write about personal experiences and I think this is relatable to a lot of people as its real, and genuine from the heart, people connect with that. I write music to help other people…knowing my lyrics can get someone through a hard time makes it all worth while to me.

CV: From your experience, can specific songwriting styles or formulas pigeon hole a band over time, possibly creating limitations, or does having a particular style create a level of freedom and uniqueness for both a songwriter and a band? Would having such a specific songwriting style be more appealing to fans as opposed to a diverse approach in your opinion?
Skarlett: I think it’s about balance.

Some of our best songs have been written about a certain topic, but over using it can cause limitations and writers block…it’s good to spice things up and do things out your comfort zone that are exciting for you and the fans too, but not so much that you lose that signature sound that you’re known for.

CV: Do you feel music still holds a place in our current culture of social media and instant gratification? Does music still have the same meaning as it once did in our world?
Skarlett: I’d like to think so for sure. Regardless of what trends there are, music still speaks to people and people still connect with the lyrics and emotion of the songs. Even though we live in a digital world, we are all still human and feel and experience ups and downs in life that make us who we are. I feel the reason people love certain bands and songs is that deeper connection they feel when they hear something that’s relatable.

CV: What's next? In addition to November’s tour, what more can fans expect to see coming from Skarlett Riot 2021 and beyond?
Skarlett: 2022 should be an exciting year for us all being well, we’ve just signed with a new booking agency and we have a lot of plans we are putting into place. Watch this space.

CV: Thank you again Skarlett for spending some time talking and sharing with our readers. I wish you all the best and continued success.

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