Interview with the Band Tulip

By Mick Michaels

COSMICK VIEW: Hello! Welcome to The Cosmick View. Thank you for taking some time out of your day to chat with me, it is greatly appreciated.

CV: What do you feel sets the band apart from other bands, especially those of similar sound and style? What's the specific allure your sound and style has that has people taking notice?
Tulip: We are at our best when we perform live.  

CV: For any band, dynamics is key to grabbing an audience's attention. What do you feel is the main ingredient to having such a captivating dynamic and being able to bring something more to the music?

Tulip: Authenticity is key. 

CV: How would you describe the ultimate musical experience for your fans? And how does the band go about creating that musical vision, while generating the impact the band wants to have on its audience?
Tulip: First and foremost we are artists, so we appreciate every single person who wants to participate and support us in that. When we put on a show, we want people to move, so we create music that we hope encourages that.  

CV: The music business has always been one that regardless of who you are, where you came from or where you've been, you can either sink or swim.  Does this type of realism have any effect on how the band drives itself to succeed? 
Tulip: Of course…we are still independent because we haven't found the right fit in a label…but we believe in our music and apparently so do our fans.  

CV: In your opinion, is there any middle ground for a band or is it a do or die climate in today's music industry?
Tulip: We just want to make a great product that is honest and reflects our lives and story. That has resonated with people, so we want to keep it going as long as we can. 

CV: How would you describe the band's internal energy? Does the band’s outward appearance align with its true inward nature from your perspective?
Tulip: We have a vintage sign hanging in our front hallway from the early 1900s. It says ‘Liberty or Death.’ We live by that.  

CV: What's at the core of the band's songwriting approach? Are there certain elements that are considered when a song begins to take form and evolves? 
Tulip: Colin comes up with the song structure and Ashleigh writes the melodies and lyrics. She is very particular about singing her own lyrics. 

CV: Do you allow things to just happen when writing; seeing where a song goes, or is there a certain course of action and structure you keep a song on, thus, essentially making it destined to achieve its overall potential?
Tulip: We strive to create concept albums.  

CV: Do you feel how the fans and critics describe the band’s music accurately reflects how you would describe the band’s music?
Tulip: Yes…we think that those who love us really get it, and that is incredibly gratifying. 

CV: Walk us through a typical show for the band...what can fans who have never seen you perform expect?
Tulip: A true hair on the back of your neck standing up experience…complete with the best vocals in the genre.  

CV: What more can fans look forward to seeing coming from the band?
Tulip: The Witch EP is dropping on September 17, 2021. We are headlining TREES DALLAS on September 26th, and hope to reschedule our European tour in 2022.  

CV: Thank you again for spending some time talking and sharing with our readers. I wish you all the best and continued success.
Tulip: Thanks for your support!  

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