AIMPOINT: "Continuing On" with Guest Author Pamela Aloia

By guest author Pamela Aloia

The world is an ever-changing place. Existence, as we have come to know it, can often be viewed and experienced as a day-to-day process. No matter how comfortable we become, or how prepared we are, things are always going to change. Change is one of the few things we can always count on. But what the change will be and how it will affect not only us as individuals, but the community at large will continue to remain a mystery. Though many will try and surmise, there is no crystal ball to tell us otherwise…only time will tell. Be it as it may, we soldier on, making the most of where we are, what we have, what we are given and unfortunately, what we have lost.

2021 has brought out many feelings in our world as we continue to process all that was 2020. With that process has come many questions which remain unanswered.

This month’s inclusion of AIMPOINT features some encouraging words of inspiration on the “new norm” from author, teacher, and spiritual counselor, Pamela Aloia.


Continuing On

I sat outside speaking with my husband the other day, noting how everyone seems to have slid back into whatever this new normal is that we’re experiencing. Restaurants and bars are open, concert venues are holding events, mask mandates are all but gone, (at least at the time of this writing and provided no other “variances” change that), and many corporations are requiring people to be physically back in offices.

While it seems the world is smoothly returning to their lives as they were two years ago, I am seeing an underlying reality that is not specifically being discussed out in the open. Given that we were thrown into the pandemic lockdowns and shifts so quickly, we had little choice but to adapt. We all found our ways to deal with the many stressors, whether head on, or by shoving them out of the way, or something in between. Many people experienced the trauma of not being able to celebrate loved ones’ lives who passed or had to move other events of passage or cancel them altogether.

What I am seeing recently is people just now starting to allow some of those feelings to come to the surface to be felt and addressed. Since we feel there is some semblance of stability in place, we are starting to feel safe enough to address the emotions we didn’t fully feel or acknowledge previously. And there are a lot of them!

Whether we experienced financial demise, death or separation from loved ones, political or health shaming, overwork at our jobs, or other aspects, in addition to the volatile environment of sickness and helplessness, as a society I can tell you, there are various factors we need to recognize. There is a full healing stage we must be willing to walk through to get to the other side without significant side effects, and to keep us on point for whatever else may come down the pike.

So how do we do that?  We give ourselves permission to acknowledge that we feel what we feel – whether it is hopeless, depressed, overwhelmed, uninspired, saddened, betrayed, disappointed, etc. – and taking the time to truly understand and compassionately express those emotions. We find safe spaces, people, and methods to process all that we need to, knowing that it will take time.

I, myself, find comfort in meditation, exercise, sitting in nature, and energy work. Others find comfort in music, art, and talking with loved ones. We all solicit comfort in varying ways. And we need to do so regularly as we continue to walk into the normal we’re now creating.

With this approach, our new normal will already have the overly needed life skills incorporated to help let go of the emotional and mental consequences of the past couple years. It will instill the confidence and wherewithal to not only face our futures together gracefully, but also provide the inspiration to create better lives and opportunities for ourselves and our communities. 

So, if we’re struggling now even when others may not understand, it’s so important to reach out and talk with others or find activities that help us move through to a better space. We need to find safe places to talk about our thoughts and emotions, like a therapist, Reiki practitioner, or like-minded people so we can carry on with grace and calm.


Pamela Aloia is an energy practitioner and author who has focused the last 20 years on individual and collective energy healing, offering insight for people to enhance life experiences by using practical and heartful aspects. Her book The Daily Cloak provides an approach to centering oneself and clearing unhealthy energies within and outside of us. Pamela has appeared on various talk shows including Out of the Fog and Coast to Coast with George Noory and is available for individual sessions to provide objectivity, support, and accountability while helping uncover one’s true potential.

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