Interview with Forever Autumn part 2

Photo by Bella Vendetta

By Mick Michaels

COSMICK VIEW: Hello! Welcome to The Cosmick View. Thank you for taking some time out of your day to chat with me, it's greatly appreciated.

Forever Autumn: Thank you for having me.

CV: Is it still possible for bands to come out of nowhere even with the accessibility of the internet and social media in your opinion?
Forever Autumn: The internet and social media have definitely changed the game, but I would like to believe that it is still possible to "make-it".  After all, it's been two decades of Forever Autumn and we are still trying to emerge from obscurity.

CV: Is a music underground something artists and bands can still connect with and can still draw a sense of community from?
Forever Autumn: I believe that the underground is more widespread than it ever was.  In the old days, we relied on those underground and obscure catalogs that you had to be lucky enough to stumble upon or know a friend of a friend that actually had one.  Sometimes I miss it. There was certainly a level of camaraderie back then, but it has not gone away, only extended and sometimes wears itself thin.  In the early days of Forever Autumn, the underground connected to the early website as it was just as vibrant as the old "scene".  Granted, things can get quite convoluted not with such an inundation of music and information at our very fingertips, but there is still a supportive underground.  It's not as elusive as it once was.  Just wade through all the yahoos and you'll find it.

CV: From your perspective, how much has the music business changed over the last several decades?
Forever Autumn: This is difficult to speak on.  I am not well versed in popular music but it stills seems like some terrible stuff can succeed.  Music and artists have evolved to roll with the punches of the Age of the Internet.  True artists remain as dedicated as they ever were and fans can still find dedication too, somewhere amidst the digitized Technocracy.

CV: Can an artist truly see the impact their music makes with their fans? Is that something you are aware of?
Forever Autumn: Speaking from my own experience, it can be difficult to see your own impact.  As an artist I am often consumed by my work.  It takes the brave few who speak up and actually tell you how your work has affected them to really be able to see that you are having an impact.  Sometimes I wonder these things about my own music.  When a fan writes, or tells you after a show, it can be the entire world to know that you have and you are making a difference.  I cannot speak for the more successful and I don't know if success can blind.

CV: Does music have to have a message to get people's attention in your opinion?
Forever Autumn: Music can be many things though I do not feel it is ever really devoid of substance.  It is a matter of taste and preference to whom it is affected and how, but music and art in general are much more.  Even calling it an 'experience' speaks to the substance.

CV: How has the effects of COVID-19 and the overall pandemic restrictions that followed and continue to linger on affected Forever Autumn
Forever Autumn: Like all others, we have been unable to perform due to pandemic.  In that down time, however, I was able to make a new record, a new large body of visual work and numerous other things that I may not have had the space for if we were touring.  Now that restrictions are easing, I am hoping to get back out there, but I also feel that the repercussions of this pandemic will affect Forever Autumn's number of yearly performances for some time to come.

CV: Is there anything you would suggest that artists and bands can do to stay ahead of the curve at the moment?

Forever Autumn: A lot of people tried virtual performances and it seems a valiant effort.  Unfortunately, these things can be rather empty without that energy that you feel at a live show.  Things are opening up and people are starting to perform again.  Hopefully this will happen for us too.

CV: For you, what's the greatest lesson learned from 2020?
Forever Autumn: They feel one in the same.  There is no separation between my art and personal life.  The life lessons of 2020 will echo for some time to come.

CV: What's next? What can fans expect to see coming from Forever Autumn in 2021 and beyond?
Forever Autumn: You can expect a new EP coming September 3rd.  A lot of good press so far.  We are hoping that it does well and perhaps this release is the one that really "makes it".

CV: Thank you again for spending some time talking and sharing with our readers. It was such a pleasure. I wish you all the best.
Forever Autumn: Thank you.


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