Interview with the Experiemental Band VAYA

By Mick Michaels

The Cosmick View: Hello, and welcome to The Cosmick View/MBM Ten Pounder! Thanks for taking some time to chat with us! 
Vaya: Hi There! Thank you as well for this moment with us.

CV: Describe your definition of the band’s sound and style and how does that definition uniquely describe the music?
Vaya: I am happy to read that you are talking about sound style rather than in which category will you be classified. Well for this second opus, the real word is experimental…using instruments in another way, including voices.

Adding a piece of elders tribe roots, a lot of spirituality and strong percussion with tracks structured by layers and you have VAYA ! U.N.I.Q.U.E. We are ruled by sounds and we are not ruling the music. That makes your vision of receiving ideas clearly wider. To simplify…we are good listeners.

CV: Today, everyone talks about artist and audience connection. Is such a level of connection actually achievable for an artist and if so, how have you made the connection to your fans?
Vaya: I don’t have enough strong words to explain what I am feeling when I go to the stage…each living person has his own energy…I can feel that from far away…feeling each one of you, whatever the number of people are in the room. It gives me shivers and brings me to a state I have to manage as a sword in my mind to keep focused and grounded and send back the right energy through my voice…strongly and purely.

Listen to the first scream of Jim Morrison on the Bowl live record and you will understand…or more  you feel what is.  Having a connection with your public/people…through your senses. To leave a print on someone’s soul, that connection is  right now, that connection is together.

CV: Is fan interaction an important part of the band’s inner culture?
Vaya: YES!!!! They are a part of the project definition and the one that’s carried on their shoulders and reason for the success of it.

CV: Can a band truly interact with its fans and still maintain a level of personal privacy without crossing the line and giving up their “personal space” in your opinion?
Vaya: Be yourself…there is nothing to hide and it is where the real power resides.

CV: Is music, and its value, viewed differently around the world in your opinion?  If so, what do you see as the biggest difference in such multiple views among various cultures?
Vaya: Hard question…how can I answer for everybody?
I am pretty sure that music has its own definition in each heart. Because we are not living in the same places, weather, community, we do not have the same background. Music, as any kind of art, will be the reflection of each one, each human story including the landscapes, colors, your blood…how it receives the music in your veins and how you feel sharing it.

I am so happy to know that music has infinite doors to go through. If there was only one highway I would definitely not be a composer.

CV: Do you feel that a band that has an international appeal, will tend to connect more so to American audiences? Would they be more enticed or intrigued to see the band over indigenous acts because of the foreign flavor?
Vaya:I am not sure if I understand the question well but the only thing I feel is that there is a place for each one to reach your success…you just need to find it and it is never straight…as life isn’t.

CV: Has modern-day digital technology made everyone an artist on some level in your opinion? Have the actual lines of what really is an artist been blurred?
Vaya: Does technology have a soul? Does that answer your question?

CV: How would you describe the difference between an artist who follows trends and one who sets them?
Vaya: As I said before, there is a place for each one…you cannot ask everybody to be a leader, right? Where will the followers be? And there is nothing wrong to be one or the other…you just need to be on track with yourself.

CV: Has music overall been splintered into too many sub-genres in an effort to appease fan tastes in your opinion? And has such fan appeasements, in actuality, weakened music’s impact as a whole by dividing audiences?
Vaya: I don’t know…I don’t follow genres or classifications…I follow my heart.

CV: What can fans except to see coming next from you?
Vaya: Oh my love ones, I know it will be really a new face but you will always recognize the essence…I hope you will enjoy it! Life is such a surprise, it drove me to places I was not expecting with this new piece.

CV: Thanks again for taking some time and talking. It is greatly appreciated. Vaya: With love.

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