Interview with Members Nick Daimon and Adriano Serafini of Grave-T (Italy)

Photo by Mario Francone

By Mick Michaels

COSMICK VIEW: Hello, Nick and Adri! Welcome to The Cosmick View. Thank you for taking some time out of your day to chat with me, it's greatly appreciated.

CV: Do you feel Heavy Metal music in general is viewed differently by fans in Europe compared to fans elsewhere, especially in America, and if so why?
Nick: I don’t think there’s a big difference! Heavy Metal in Europe has the same power as in the US, considering that a bunch of big names in Europe are mainly from the UK, Scandinavia, and Germany. Both continents do have important festivals during summer and that’s pretty much the same way of proceeding.

Adri: I think that there aren’t big differences…. Maybe in some countries like Brazil, it seems that they’re more enthusiastic when they attend shows that reflect their own cultural music.

CV: What do you feel makes Heavy Metal music so alluring to the fans? What is it about the music that personally resonates so strongly with you?
Nick: I was mainly attracted by the covers, the outfit, the esotericism, the paintings, and the attitude my heroes showed off when I was a teenager, but growing up, you realize that Heavy Metal is a lifestyle and not just taking off your shirt. As an adult person, for me, Heavy Metal is about brotherhood, mystery, power, culture! In the end Heavy Metal that chooses you!

Adri: It’s like imprinting...I was in the "defining" age for so many things, like "what music do I like?" Then, a friend comes and says, “Hey listen to this….” Boom! At that point, you know what’s the path to follow.

CV: Has Metal splintered into too many sub-genres in your opinion, thus, making it harder for newer bands to actually classify themselves as one style over another? Is it confusing for fans as well?
Nick: I don’t think it is confusing for fans. Metal splintered into many subgenres, not just to be a mere mannerism, but like a natural process that was allowed to enhance the quality of that specific genre. We can also see that in a simpler way; people and bands just made their things! I wouldn’t talk about harder I would rather talk about people who dared to get off the grid. Let’s think about what New Metal brought to the Metal scene and who knows what is to come....

Adri: Yes, but it was inevitable. It’s the evolution. Evolution is not always better. Once it was easier to open up to new musical horizons precisely because there was no such difference.

CV: How would you describe the current state of the music business considering we are now living in a COVID-aware, and maybe even feared world? Have things drastically changed long-term for artists and bands given the recent pandemic? What are your thoughts?
Nick: The music business had experienced its sunset long before the pandemic. The arrival of the pandemic flared up the entire system if we consider that even the most famous artists complained about the fact that the sales of physical supports decreased while digital download increased in popularity. The COVID-19 shutdown taught us how important music is. The music industry will definitely find a way to be powerful as it used to be. It’s a question of time.

Adri: Yes, they drastically changed! In my opinion, men, as always, are the cause of everything…. It is such a delicate subject that it is easy to slip away. I just hope that we will soon return to making live music as before and that people have a great desire to go and see it!

CV: What do you feel makes your band and its particular approach to songwriting work? What keeps the band together and making music?
Nick: We don’t have any particular approach. I come up with a couple of riffs and we start working with the aim of building a good song.

Adri: I think being together is the key to making a band work. We have our differences, but we respect each other and always try to accommodate ourselves. The same is reflected when we write a song.

Image by: Marzio Francone

CV: On a more global view, how do you see your band’s music and songwriting separating itself from just being another Heavy Metal act?
Nick: Each song is driven by everyday life…poetry, mystery, hope, anger, fear, rebellion, etc. Musically, I would say adrenaline and a not taken for granted Hard Rock/Metal Band.

Adri: We always try to be as personal as possible. We are inspired by many artists but we don't want to copy anyone. We always want to give our Grave-T imprint. Then, as in all things, sometimes we do it better, other times less.

CV: Can an artist truly be unique? Some would argue there is no such thing as being unique; that it’s nothing more than a compounding of influences making an artist who or what they are. Would this then say that artists today are destined to be just copies of those who have already come to pass?
Nick: Each one of us tries to make the best out of these implicit influences but who entitles and acknowledges an artist as an “artist?” Being in the right place at the right time is the matter of this question for me!

Adri: Influences are important. Many artists would not have been such without others. But is it important? In the end, I think it isn't. If you like an artist, it means that he/she deserved the appreciation that you are giving him/her.

CV: Are there life lessons to learn is in a Heavy Metal band that you feel cannot be taught elsewhere? If so, what are they?
Nick: As mentioned above, Metal is about brotherhood, culture, being part of a growing process as well as learning to respect each other by sharing the same interests. Being a musician itself is a life lesson in my opinion.

Adri: I don't think it's a question of being in Metal Band, but of a band in general. To make it work, you need intelligence, sacrifice, and teamwork. But as in life in general, I believe that it is a small family. You have to feel comfortable when you are in it.

CV: What do you feel makes someone a “rock star”? Does being a rock star automatically make one iconic or are the two completely different in your opinion?
Nick: A rock star is someone who has a different angle or a unique way to look at things. This kind of rock star is for sure iconic while the others aren't. The others are rather selling rock stars.

Adri: The rock star goes beyond music…when you manage to enter the soul of the millions of fans…for what it expresses with music and beyond. In my opinion, I think icons are an even higher step. Some rock stars sometimes become legends. Like it or not.

CV: What's next for you? What can fans expect to see coming as the world looks to surmount a new normal laced with a load of restrictions?
Nick: We are working on a new album and it will be an amazing journey. We look forward to being soon on stage and who knows what is going to happen with the new normal.

Adri: Personally I am terrified that there can be no more concerts like before…without masks, with physical contact between thousands of fans waiting to see their idols in concert. I am terrified of a future made of virtual concerts broadcast by social media or worse. I believe that there is a great desire to return to normal. Beer, sweat, and music together with people, friends, and others who share the same musical passion as you.

CV: Thank you again Nick and Adri for spending some time talking and sharing with our readers. It was a pleasure. I wish you all the best and continued success.
Grave-T: Really thanks…honored to have been your guests!
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