Interview with the Band Death in Paradise

By Mick Michaels

The Cosmick View: Hello, and welcome to The Cosmick View/MBM Ten Pounder! Thanks for taking some time to chat with us! 
Death in Paradise: Thank you, thanks for having us!

CV: Describe your definition of the band’s sound and style and how does that definition uniquely describe the music?

Death in Paradise: The sound and style of Death in Paradise...I would say off the top of my head is that it's a blend of an array of raw textured feelings accompanied by driving guitars and powerful's emotion mixed with swag mixed with overdrive man!

CV: Today, everyone talks about artist and audience connection. Is such a level of connection actually achievable for an artist and if so, how have you made the connection to your fans?

Death in Paradise: Of course it is...I believe it comes down to the songs and how you put yourself out and your message as an artist...for the most part…. Our listeners and supporters see that we are real to ourselves, we aren't trying to be something or someone else...the life we live…it all is reflected by the music and songs...and they relate to it which results in a connection.

CV: Is fan interaction an important part of the band’s inner culture?
Death in Paradise: I won't say it's a part of the band's inner culture per se,  but it's always a pleasure meeting and speaking to our fans....we don't see ourselves as demigods...I may have my days where I rather be left alone, but it's usually never personal towards or directed to anyone.

CV: Can a band truly interact with its fans and still maintain a level of personal privacy without crossing the line and giving up their “personal space” in your opinion?

Death in Paradise: Unless you are one of those guys from Motley Crue in their early days...then no.

CV: Is music, and its value, viewed differently around the world in your opinion?  If so, what do you see as the biggest difference in such multiple views among various cultures?

Death in Paradise: Altogether music for me in general has changed...the culture...with EDM and electronics playing major parts in music, which is an ongoing influence to the masses via major labels and what they put out…TV shows like the voice and people judging and shit... don't get me wrong, if you're talented and looking for a break...go for it... but I never went to that school or college....Rock n Roll is fuckin' rebel music Man.

CV: Do you feel that a band that has an international appeal, will tend to connect more so to American audiences? Would they be more enticed or intrigued to see the band over indigenous acts because of the foreign flavor?

Death in Paradise: It depends...I am not American, I surely hope so...I am foreign too right? (Laughs)

CV: Has modern-day digital technology made everyone an artist on some level in your opinion? Have the actual lines of what really is an artist been blurred?
Death in Paradise: Absolutely, these days everyone who can, on a certain level, will at least try. It does indeed blur the lines and make it harder to be recognized as a true artist, because it is almost exhausted with crap thrown at you on a daily level....prior to the "virtual age," it's obvious that it was hard to get noticed on the scene, besides sounding good as a band, not to mention recording on tape as opposed to digitally,  you had to tour and try to have your shows packed, now digitally it's how much virtual likes and views etc.... I try to not think too much of it all to be honest.

CV: How would you describe the difference between an artist who follows trends and one who sets them?
Death in Paradise: The true 'artist' in my opinion would be the one who sets them....

CV: Has music overall been splintered into too many sub-genres in an effort to appease fan tastes in your opinion? And has such fan appeasements, in actuality, weakened music’s impact as a whole by dividing audiences?
Death in Paradise: I think all those sub genres and stuff are just people trying to have some kind of sense of originality and belonging to what their tastes are, but at the end of the day...a good concert with great artists and bands, no matter what sub genre...I believe, still brings us all together.

CV: What can fans except to see coming next from you?
Death in Paradise: Definitely more releases with The Animal Farm Label....we are anxious for the release of Death in Paradise - "Sacrificing the Goat" and definitely hoping on getting some dates organized!  

CV: Thanks again for taking some time and talking. It is greatly appreciated.

Death in Paradise: The pleasure was all mine. Thank you! 

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