Interview with Singer Taryn Dorothy of Starlight

By Mick Michaels

COSMICK VIEW: Hello Taryn! Welcome to The Cosmick View. Thank you for taking some time out of your day to chat with me, it's greatly appreciated.

CV: Tell us a little of your musical background? What put you on the path? Was music something you were drawn to and realized early on that you wanted to do?
Taryn Dorothy: I’ve always liked singing growing up…so I would always participated in the musical events at my school…there’s always been a love for music.

CV: Describe for us a moment that made you recognize you wanted to pursue singing? Did you find that moment profound? How did that particular moment then affect how you decided to move forward?

TD: I think when I was really young I realized I wasn’t half bad at it and then I thought that maybe I could pursue something…get better at singing, develop a style. I just jumped at any opportunity I had to sing after that.

CV: Being an artist, would you consider music to be the ultimate form of human expression moreso than speech itself, as it is an emotional compounding of thoughts, words and melody? Is there anything more powerful than that type of expressive mixture to truly free the soul in your opinion?

TD: I think we all can communicate through music. It’s one of those things that transcends language and can be appreciated by everyone. I don’t think there’s anything more powerful than that.

CV: You recently worked on the new Starlight EP, “Under the Radar.” Tell us a little about it and how you came to sing on the project.

TD: My dad had offered me a chance to work with him on the project and I was so excited to be a part of it. I loved the lyrics and developing how the vocals sounded. I can honestly say I’m still singing the songs from the project because of the awesome lyrics and catchy sound. 

CV: “Under the Radar” seems to be gaining a lot traction since its release, both here and abroad; being described as “different, melodic and catchy.” How you see Starlight’s music standing out compared to other similar, or even not so similar, release?

TD: I think it’s great but I don’t think I can really say anything about that question…just happy to know people like it.

CV: Can we expect more from Starlight in the future?
really hope to work more with it in the future for sure. 

CV: Do you feel social media has tarnished the music industry, over saturating the market, making itself so accessible, that listeners are often overlooking or even ignoring what is out there?
TD: I don’t think so. I think social media has really shown that music can be made for anyone, by anyone. That brings a ton of options to the market, letting everyone find their own sound.

CV: In turn, do you think social media has lowered the artist’s overall 
importance in our society…reducing its role to an almost “white noise” status?
TD: I think that’s a way at looking at it for sure but it’s almost pessimistic. I think there are still plenty of us who agree that artists are talented and important members of society. 

CV: Given all that has occurred over the last year, as an artist, what is the one thing you have come to treasure the most amidst all the chaos and confusion and why?
TD: I really appreciate that I still have ways to express myself and how the pandemic has affected me and everyone else around me. I think self-expression will always be a very important way to keeping sane when we feel like we can’t control our surroundings. 

CV: What can fans expect to see coming from you in 2021?
TD: I hope to work on a few more songs 

CV: Thank you again Taryn for spending some time talking and sharing with our readers. I wish you all the best and continued success.

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