AIMPOINT: Taking on 2021 by Pamela Aloia

By guest author Pamela Aloia

There isn’t much more that can be said about this past year that hasn’t already been thought of or spoken about.  Everyone has had their own choice words to describe 2020. As equally relayed are the emotions attached to what we have been saying and thinking these past nine months. It does, without much debate, appear as though our world as come completely undone. Maybe, to some degree, it has.  But is that really a bad thing?  For change to occur, things often need to be shaken up to get us moving forward and to have us do something different…and different isn’t always a bad thing.

But enough about that….

This past year has been one of self reflection…taking stock in what we do have, who we are, what we are truly thankful for and what we have accomplished in spite of the state of the world or differing views and opinions.  There is always something positive.

This month’s inclusion of AIMPOINT features some encouraging words of inspiration and aspiration by author, teacher and spiritual counselor, Pamela Aloia


Taking on 2021

We’ve almost made it through this tumultuous year of 2020 – a year where we have all been affected on some level by its ever-evolving events. Many of us have continued to march forward, accepting and adapting and even spearheading the changes that have occurred. We have proven ourselves to be resilient in many regards and in some instances, life has highlighted where we may not have been completely prepared.  Nevertheless, we are still here, and still moving forward, even if we’re taking an active break – which is moving us forward, shifting perspective, perhaps recovering, and gaining strength for our next plans.

With much still to settle from this year, we may experience some reluctance or resistance to starting 2021. There may also be a sentiment of slamming the door on 2020 quickly so we can leave the year far behind us. Regardless of our perspective, the New Year will arrive before we know it. Whether we prepare or cringe as this new year starts shining its light upon us, the energy we bring into the new year will affect the sentiment as the year develops.


We have learned this year, or perhaps relearned, that the human spirit is resilient and caring. We are creative and hopeful, and when things get tough, we find ways to support each other and our communities. We are a people who persevere. We’ve seen it takes a while for change to occur in this vast world and we have also seen how quickly change can occur when it’s important. We find or make the time to refocus on what matters to us most.

This year we have been presented with a variety of challenges which have hopefully encouraged many of us to go within and determine our truth. It is in knowing where we stand and realizing that our truth may change with time and information, that we can ring in the New Year with greater focus and intention. Knowing our truth enables us to stay centered more securely and less easily knocked off balance due to external factors. We rely on ourselves to make our own decisions and create our own steps forward in how we live our lives.

Remember that we can choose the manner by which we walk into the new year. We can choose to hold onto gloom and fear or we acknowledge the hardships the world is facing (as there are always going to be challenges) and choose or resolve to bring in an inspiring and exciting year. We have what it takes inside of us to craft the world we live in. Yes, it will take time and focus. It will take addressing anger, fear, anxiety, and resistance that may come up for us. But what better way to walk this path presented to us than by focusing our energies on that which makes us glow. What activities, music, perspective, and discussions allow our spirits to soar?  It’s time for us to make lots of time to focus on those things – so we reside more frequently in the energies of joy, inspiration, creativity, and goodness. As we do, those invisible ripple effects will ease others into similar focus, and their ripple effects will inspire others as well. 

If we’re undecided on how we are feeling about facing 2021, let’s first face ourselves honestly. Identify the gifts and talents that bring joy to us – it could be creating music, talking or listening to others, donating time, making or distributing food, writing, painting, decorating, or so much more. Let’s plan to spend time in those spaces more often in 2021 with a heightened focus. By residing in the energies of those talents and gifts and the joy we bring, we can take anything on with ease and grace, including whatever year 2021 has up its sleeve.



Pamela Aloia is an energy practitioner and author who has focused the last 20 years on individual and collective energy healing, offering insight for people to enhance life experiences by using practical and heartful aspects. Her latest edition of the book Nurturing Healthy Change provides an approach to creating desired change in our lives using focus, feeling, and mindfulness. Pamela has appeared on a number of talk shows including Out of the Fog, Coast to Coast with George Noory and Soul Sexy in addition to hosting her own show, The Sol Voice on

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