Interview with Singer Travis Lowell of Mammothor

By Mick Michaels

COSMICK VIEW: Hello! Welcome to The Cosmick View. Thank you for taking some time out of your day to chat with me, it is greatly appreciated.

Travis Lowell: No problem, thanks for having me!

CV: What do you feel sets the band apart from other bands, especially those of similar sound and style? What's specific allure your sound and style have that has people taking notice?
TL: I think one thing that makes us unique is that we don't have any rules when we write a song.  You might notice some fairly drastic changes from tune to tune, as we jump from style to style.  The guitarists in this band, starting with Josh, but also including Dana and Alex, have always been really good at coming up with good hooks.  I think that is fundamental when it comes to writing a good song.  I'm pretty excited about a song called "Parasomnia" that Lori (bass) built the framework for as well.  It created a totally different vibe, and I hope we're able to do more of that on the next album.

CV: For any band, dynamics is key to grabbing an audience's attention. What do you feel is the main ingredient to having such a captivating dynamic and being able to bring something more to the music?
TL: Honestly, sometimes I look back on songs that I've co-written, and I wonder where the hell some of the lyrics or ideas came from.  Chemistry is everything, of course.  Josh and I have been doing this for a long time together now, and I think that has allowed us to build a certain foundation of trust, or at least an ability to get out of each other's way when someone starts heading in a certain direction.  Like any band, we've all had our friction in the past, but I think ultimately that has helped us to understand each other better and to create better music.  All of that also translates well to the stage, where that same trust allows you to be more free and to know that the other members are going to be comfortable up there as well.

CV: How would you describe the ultimate musical experience for your fans? And how does the band go about creating that musical vision, while generating the impact the band wants to have on its audience?
TL: I hope that the fans have the same experience that I do.  In particular, for this new album, "The Ecstasy of Silence...The Agony of Dreams," we have hit a really good stride.  It just came out on August 27 and has gotten a ton of good feedback from fans - ranging from the songwriting, to the improved quality of the videos, to the quality of the recording and production itself.  When I listen to this album, from start to finish, I am very happy with it and take a lot of pride in the results.  Hopefully, people are listening on repeat!

CV: The music business has always been one that regardless of who you are, where you came from or where you've been, you can either sink or swim.  Does this type of realism have any effect on how the band drives itself to succeed? 
TL: I think we gave up on the idea of being any kind of massive "stars" a long time ago.  That might sound depressing, but it can also be very freeing.  We want to make products that can compete with anybody out there - even if it ends up only serving a small, hard core base.

CV: In your opinion, is there any middle ground for a band or is it a do or die climate in today's music industry?
TL: I think there is always give and take.  If there isn't, you have a monarchy, and that's not very fun for anyone (except the leader).  It's definitely no secret that Josh and I have always been the strongest personalities behind the scenes…which has led to some occasional butting of heads, but we truly want everyone to have some input.  We can't possibly do all of this ourselves.  I honestly don't feel like the band was ever truly complete until Lori joined in 2017.  With Alex and Euz joining us earlier this year, they have brought a lot of creativity and input to the table.  It's a breath of fresh air, to be honest, because they are as driven as the veteran members.  They see some of our strengths, but also parts that can be reinforced and they do their best to help us achieve those common goals.

CV: How would you describe the band's internal energy? Does the band’s outward appearance align with its true inward nature from your perspective?
TL: I think I probably addressed that a bit in the last part.  I'd say that a large chunk of the drive, traditionally, has come from me or Josh.  You can't really have five leaders, so we all try to step up front from time to time with our thoughts or ideas and then to step back a bit when someone else wants to hold the reigns.  

CV: What's at the core of the band's songwriting approach? Are there certain elements that are considered when a song begins to take form and evolves? 
TL: A good chunk of our songs have started with Josh.  He is the type of songwriter who likes to go from beginning to end, rather than coming in with a simple riff.  Dana used to write riffs and then ask for input…ultimately, he would usually end up coming up with everything himself on that front, but he was much less headstrong than Josh in that way.  So far, Alex has been like Josh, in that he tends to walk in with a "complete" song.  Back in the early days, Josh also wrote a lot of lyrics.  Gradually, I took over on that front, as it is something that I enjoy, and you also tend to feel more connected to the song when you write your own parts.  Additionally, I think that helps to give bands a more unique sound, as opposed to one person coming up with the vast majority of the material.  I'm hoping Euz and Lori can come up with a couple more songs that start from a foundation of bass and drums for the next album, as "Parasomnia" came out very unique with that approach.  I think that one might turn a few heads when it is released as a single, at least for the people who might not have otherwise given us a chance.

CV: Do you allow things to just happen when writing; seeing where a song goes, or is there a certain course of action and structure you keep a song on, thus, essentially making it destined to achieve its overall potential?
TL: I tend to just see where it goes.  As a matter of fact, I have written several songs where I was about halfway through before I said, "Holy shit...this is about some incident from my life."  From there, they just tend to flow.  I'm making a concentrated effort these days to come up with a concept first and to go from there though.  It is much easier that way.

CV: Do you feel how the fans and critics describe the band’s music accurately reflects how you would describe the band’s music?
TL: Generally, yes.  Although I often disagree with them on what they think is "best".  That's a really fun part, actually.

CV: Walk us through a typical show for the band...what can fans who have never seen you perform expect?
TL: We're just working to get better and better, from the production itself to our performances.  It is always a work in progress, just like the music itself.

CV: What more can fans look forward to seeing coming from the band?
TL: We've already got four scratch tracks done for the next album/EP.  I suspect they will hear new material very soon.  We're doing some shows with Drowning Pool this March, which should be awesome.  Besides that, we hope to hit the stage a lot more in 2022.

CV: Thank you again for spending some time talking and sharing with our readers. I wish you all the best and continued success.
TL: Thanks to you, it was fun!


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