Interview with Burnt Out Wreck Vocalist Gary Moat (former Heavy Pettin)

By Mick Michaels

COSMICK VIEW: Hello, Gary! Welcome to The Cosmick View. Thank you for taking some time out of your day to chat with me, it's greatly appreciated.
Gary Moat: Hi!

CV: "This is Hell” is like 70s Kiss and AC/DC meeting the 80s Sunset comes across as loaded with a lot of punch...and the album's first single, "Dead or Alive," has plenty of Rock n Roll piss and vinegar to go around. As a songwriter, do you find inspiration from modern Rock's early days?
GM: Of course…it’s when I grew up listening to and soaking up all the greatest Rock ‘n Roll in the world. So yeah there are many influences in my songwriting!

CV: Does having somewhat of a solid, “throwback sound” give Burnt Out Wreck an advantage over other bands in your opinion?
GM: I don’t know…you know I just write it the way it is and play it loud live. There’s no over production here, LOL. I deliberately set out to make songs for my generation I guess!

CV: Gary, is Blues Rock something you have always been drawn to musically both as a songwriter and as a fan?
GM: Yes I love the raw power of it, like AC/DC, Airbourne, Krocus, Rhino Bucket…it’s all great, but of course I love a lot more musical styles.  

CV: The new album goes full throttle in a big way building on what its predecessor "Swallow" offered. Was this intentional, to raise the bar and the volume so to say?
GM: Definitely! I went to town on it really, couldn’t help myself…it just comes out of me from, I don’t know where. Steve Rispin did a wonderful job on the production…we knew we had to make it kick ass!

CV: The "Old School" Rock sound has definitely come back around over the last few years. Many veteran artists have found new life in their back catalogs. Do you feel music fans want a return to form with the recent resurgence in the classic sound and style among bands?
GM: It’s an age thing you like what you grew up listening to and people catch onto us right away heads nodding feet tapping. So yes the oldies are the best, LOL.

CV: What do you see as Rock's redeeming quality that keeps bringing fans back for another listen as compared to other harder styles? Is it timeless?
GM: Yes, but its melody…you can sing the songs not grunt them. I like rock that makes me want to party you know?

CV: Just a couple of years ago, everyone was talking that Rock was dead. However, this is to the contrary as we see fan interest peaking. Why do you think such a sentiment was running rampant among the music community? Was it more of a personal position based on their own careers or more of a reflection of the times and tastes? Or, was it just a meager attempt at easy press for some artists in your opinion?
GM: I think it’s all of those but you know people don’t have money to burn these days…festivals and gigs cost a fortune, so many promoters are trying to make money not paying bands…too many gigs all at the onetime, people just can’t keep up, and with the same bands playing all the festivals, it’s all about making money, but not for the bands. So yes, I guess some would feel like it’s dead.

CV: Gary, Burnt Out Wreck is an interesting name for a band. It feels personal. Does it have some special significance?
GM: LOL…I look in the mirror. I did feet like shit! I Googled it and hey there’s my name!

CV: The band currently has a number of upcoming shows supporting The Pete Way Band. What's it like working with a Rock n Roll legend like Pete Way?
GM: It`s cool…I feel very strange when Pete say’s good things about me or to me…I`m like, “whoa man. you’re the rock god.” He is doing what he loves best, the same as us all…just wants to keep rocking and he`s good at it!

CV: For those who have yet to see Burnt Out Wreck live, what can they expect? Is the high octane energy from the albums carried over tenfold to the stage?
GM: Five guys having a blast…straight ahead Rock ‘n Roll, no nonsense… We ain’t got time for it, thanks!

CV: Gary, are full album releases still vital to a band's catalog in the digital age where listeners often only download a song or two at a time? What are your thoughts?
GM: That does not interest me at all, I write Rock songs and I love a whole album’s worth. But it’s the modern age ain’t it?

CV: Can fans expect to see Burnt Out Wreck on the road in 2020? Any dates in America planned?
GM: At the moment, it’s all UK and Europe that’s booked for next year. There are talks of maybe one or two gigs in the USA, but nothing set in stone as yet. We would love to be out there!

CV: What's next for you?
GM: Some more gigs till the end of the year and trying to promote our Whisky’s 46% and is very, very good says a Scotsman, LOL!

CV: Thank you again Gary for spending some time talking and sharing with
our readers. I wish you all the best and continued success.

GM: Thanks!

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