Catch A Rising Star Series: Interview with Guitarist Melia Maccarone

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By Mick Michaels

COSMICK VIEW: Hello, Melia! Welcome to The Cosmick View. Thank you for taking some time out of your day to chat with me, it is greatly appreciated.

CV: What is your perspective on the current state of the music industry? Given the massive changes within the industry during the past decade, do you feel building a livelihood around music can be a valid career choice?
Melia Maccarone: I think it’s important to do what you love therefore if it’s something you love doing the financial obstacles aren’t as important. I think most musicians these days carry one or two jobs to pay the bills until they can fully rely on their career to support them. It’s a labor of love. I think if you truly love music and creating music, it is a valid career choice. 

Photo by C7 Photography
CV: Has your experience thus far shed any light or given you any insight as to how to navigate such wildly changing musical currents to steer your career towards success? What have you found works for you?
MM: I think that having the passion for and in your music and being raw emotionally and honest will always connect your audience. It may not make you a superstar overnight or at all, but you will have a diehard fan base. True fans resonate with what’s real and a lot of the mainstream music doesn’t have that same raw emotion that a lot of underground music has. I think people are looking for that. I’ve found playing out live and using my social media platforms to get my music out there and heard as much as possible, has helped me navigate and find my audience. 

CV: Tell us a little about your specific style of music and what it is about the music that connects you to it. How do you see your music connecting to others?
MM: My music is very Rock and Roll, Grunge era meets classic rock/Blues soloing meets catchy melodic Pop.  I think that my music is an extension of myself and that all of my influences kind of mesh into my own unique sound. I love playing lead guitar, I love the catchy melodies that pop into my head…the lyrics that come straight from my heart and the soul I have behind it all. It’s all very therapeutic and healing to me in multiple ways.  I think because of that it…real raw attribution, it naturally connects to others.

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CV: What do you see are the biggest obstacles new artists face on their road to stardom? Are you experiencing certain challenges and if so, how are you working to overcome them?
MM: I think the biggest obstacles are financial ones. I think that because the music industry is suffering and artists don’t have the same support that they used to its difficult to tour, record, etc. I’m overcoming them in the same way many artist do…fundraising and support from my amazing fan base. 

CV: Every career has its competitive edge…music is no different. What have you done in your own career that sets you apart from other artists?
MM: I think what sets me apart is my unique songwriting and lead guitar playing. But truthfully, I just focus on myself, my work and not what others are doing. 

CV: Many claim that young artists today have a sense of entitlement.  These artists are often accused of feeling they do not need to pay their dues as many others have done in the past. What are your thoughts? Have new artists taken such a stand when it comes to putting in the time and effort? Are the critics right?
MM: I think every serious musician I’ve met works their butt off and pays their dues. However, I have met musicians who are not as serious as they claim and certainly don’t put in the work. Those musicians or artists are whom I believe the critics are talking about. You can only be successful in this business by putting hard work in. 

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CV: Do you feel the ease and access of modern digital technology has made many young artists impatient? Some feel as though this impatience has led to rushed releases and a lack luster catalog of music…all in pursuit of fame and fortune. Do you agree with such an assessment? Are newer artists in such a rush to “make it” that ample time to hone their craft is being neglected?

MM: I’m not sure. I think “new artists” is too broad. I think like with any job, there are good workers and workers taking the easy way out…or doing as little work as possible. I think every artist and their process is different. Bottom line…if it’s “real” it will resonate. Some of the best songs were written in 5 minutes. 

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CV: What traits do you find you possess that are positively working for you and your career and that you believe others should have?
MM: Work ethic & determination

CV: Is dabbling in different musical genres and promoting across multiple audiences something artists should do in today's industry landscape? Can it be sustainable or could an artist spread themselves too thin over time and possibly end up with far less than they originally hoped or intended for?
MM: I think it’s important to stay real. I listen to many types of music and my influences come out naturally in their own unique way in my own music. I don’t think about it that deep and don’t believe I should. I think my music is supposed to be natural and authentic not a purposeful business plan. This question may apply more to others that look at it more from the business end. 

CV: How would you describe your musical essence? What makes you the artist that you are?
MM: My musical essence is raw and real. I like to stay real and true to why I love music in the first place. It’s therapeutic to me. 

CV: What are you currently working on and where do you go from here... what's next?
MM: I am currently working on new music and hope to have a new EP out next year.
Photo by Tom Venner
CV: Thank you again for spending some time talking and sharing with our readers. I wish you all the best and continued success.
MM: Thank you! :)

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