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By Mick Michaels




Cosmick View: Hello! Welcome to The Cosmick View. Thanks for taking some time out of your day to speak with us. It's greatly appreciated.
autolemy: Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of The Cosmick View and allowing me to talk about my work with you.

CV: Tell us a little of how you came about with the concept for your new book, "Say Goodbye," to have it accompanied by the backdrop of a 21-track album?
autolemy: The initial inspiration came from a music hook that kept spinning around my head each time I walked home. Maybe it was something about that specific journey, but the hook also had a specific lyric for the chorus ‘runaway, runaway, runaway’. I’d procrastinated for some time, but like other ideas that vanish over time – this remained in my head. I knew that I had to write the song and did so one Saturday morning whilst working some overtime. I’d always felt that there could be a story set around ‘Runaway’ and once I’d knuckled down and proved to myself that I could write a song, I set about writing ‘Say Goodbye.’

These were the seeds that planted the initial idea for writing a combined story and album.

CV: Was there a conscious effort from the beginning to have or make the music fit, follow, or help further along the core theme or storyline of the book itself?
autolemy: Looking back, I’d written a lot of instrumentals, half songs and riffs; however, I never knew what the whole story would be. But once I had the backbone of “Say Goodbye” & “Runaway” written, I then decided to sit down and write the story. This happened over a period of a year and so I was then able to write all of the other material to fit around the storyline.

CV: The story centers on a 7 year old boy. Are there any biographical elements attached to the character and / or storyline?
autolemy: The story is definitely a work of fiction, but like most writers; I’ve taken ideas, behaviours, speech, situations etc from characters I’ve met over my lifetime. There’s definitely a bit of me in Lee though.

CV: Do you feel the book will be interpreted differently if the reader chooses not to listen to the music while reading?
autolemy: Maybe, but I’ve deliberately not structured this as a sing-a-long type of product. I did toy with the idea of placing ‘calls to action’ (i.e. now listen to...) text at the relevant chapters, but in the end that would’ve been too prescriptive. My mantra to myself was always that the book must be good enough to stand up by itself and so should the album. The idea is that one will always enhance the other.

CV: What do you believe the music brings to the story that otherwise wouldn't exist in its absence?
autolemy: For me, the music should add that extra layer of comprehension of what each song is about and help the immerse listener. If you just listened to the CD, vinyl or electronic version of some of the songs, you might like them; but not know any context behind each song. Take for example, “Happy Birthday,” it doesn’t sound like a happy birthday? Or “Overnight Removal;” what would a listener glean from this song? Fun fact, the lead synth plays out the track title in Morse code. I do also provide a little song synopsis at the back of the book.

CV: What do you want readers to come away with after experiencing "Say Goodbye?"
autolemy: Enjoy the story, enjoy the music and watch out for the next in the Walker/Powell series!

CV: Would you consider doing this type of book – CD format for future project releases?
autolemy: In short yes...I plan to complete a series of books/albums under the banner of The Walker/Powell Series. I have the second manuscript and am on the way to completing demos for the accompanying album.

CV: Anything special planned for National Author’s Day?
autolemy: Not specifically yet, but it’s something I’m currently working on.

CV: In addition to "Say Goodbye," what more can fans expect to see coming from you in 2023?
autolemy: My focus is going to be around “Say Goodbye’s” launch and promotion for this year. I’ll be working on the new material in the background.

CV: Thanks again for taking the time to share with our readers. We wish you all the best and continued success.
autolemy: You too and I really hope everything goes well with your entertaining podcasts.

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