Interview with A New Revenge Guitarist Keri Kelli (Alice Cooper, Slash, Vince Neil)

 By Mick Michaels

COSMICK VIEW: Hello, Keri! Welcome to The Cosmick View. Thank you for taking some time out of your day to chat with me, it’s greatly appreciated.

CV: What originally started out as an all-star jam band, playing each member’s career hits, turned into a beast of its own. How did such an ensemble of charismatic and iconic artists come together to form A New Revenge?
Keri Kelli: James and I came up with the idea initially, from there I basically called up Tim and Rudy and we were on our way to playing live.

CV: A New Revenge looks to rescue and revitalize the term "super group," feeling that its usage and definition has not been clearly justified by others claiming such status over the years. How do you believe this particular grouping of legendary players stands out from the pack?
KK: I think the fact that we did not set out to make a record necessarily or being a band put together by a label really. We were all friends and just started as wanting to have some fun and play live. A lot of these type bands are manufactured to make a CD or whatnot and this exactly what we are not.

CV: Do you feel A New Revenge will set a new, higher standard for collaboration releases?
KK: Again, the fact that we started creating the songs just for the art and love of it all I believe is the big difference.

CV: Super groups have definitely become a growing trend as it seems that more and more veteran artists are joining forces to work on and release projects together.  Do you feel this is indicative of the current state of the industry, where the choice is to go with a proven formula? Or is it more of a monetary move based on name and brand recognition moreso than content?
KK: I believe most of them are monetarily motivated.
CV: Many critics complain that quality musicians don't exist anymore; the digital age has created a new form of inferior level players. Do you agree with such claims? Are new and quality players in short supply these days in your opinion?
KK: I think there are many great new players and artists… so I personally don’t know where this would be coming from. I think every decade has probably had its fair share of artists that are A, B or C quality, but maybe putting them together in a certain band they were able to make some magic or created something special.

CV: What do you feel is the missing ingredient in today's Modern Heavy Metal music? Why isn't it stacking up to its earlier glory as many believe?
KK: Again, I think there are many great metal bands that have come out the past 20 years. Maybe people are too stuck in the past classics from the masters… Got to always try to get excited about anyone making cool Metal these days in my opinion…

CV: If you had to give one word for each of your A New Revenge band mates, describing what you feel they each bring to this band, making it unique, what would it be?
KK: James: Animal… Kind of like animal from the Muppets! Always bringing a whirlwind or something!

Tim: Pretty quite in general till he opens his mouth…then you’re in for it!!! His enthusiasm for playing and recording is incredible

Rudy: Seasoned pro to end all pros!!! Humblest and nicest guy in the business!

CV: Let's talk a bit about the band's debut album, "Enemies and Lovers." Raw, sharp, booming and ballsy are without a doubt several descriptive sentiments that quickly come to mind after just one listen. What do you hope Metal heads take away from the album after hearing it?
KK: I hope they enjoy it the planet over. Cool guitar riffs, some catchy melodies as well some soaring vox with a rock solid rhythm section. It’s all about creating art from a certain period of time and I think we really captured something special. Everyone did such a great job…I hail him or her all.

CV: It’s often said that it's not the destination but the journey that has the greatest impact. Though in this band's case, the destination ain't too shabby...: ) Has your time with A New Revenge giving you a new perspective on what can be achieved when like minds and hearts work together on a common goal?
KK: Ya, like I said, it’s fun creating art or what people call songs or music, and capturing that point in time. We’re looking forward to the 2nd release from A New Revenge as well!

CV: Can we expect to see tour dates for A New Revenge being announced soon?
KK: Possible in the 4th quarter of 2019… we are all pretty locked up this summer with our other bands such as Night Ranger for myself.
CV: Does having such a high pedigree of players involved in a project such as this come with a certain amount of anxiety or concern regarding performance…or is it all business as usual?
KK: It’s all fun and creation! Again like I said, everyone did such a wonderful job on this CD

CV: Both critics and fans seem to harp on the idea that many of their favorite artists only seem to tour or make new music solely for the money... pointing to a lack of substance, they feel, that's associated with more current releases.  Are they at all right? Though everyone has a right to make money, are many artists cashing in more on their back catalog material and foregoing contributing to the quality of newer releases? Can there be a compromise?
KK: I’m all for even the masters making new art every 3/4/5 years if at all possible. Whether that’s the Stones, Van Halen, Scorpions, Priest, Alice Cooper etc.… A lot of people do just tour for the monies, it IS a business by the way, but I’d really hope they would want to create more.
CV: Even though “Enemies and Lovers” just came out, can fans count on another album release from A New Revenge?
KK: Yes sir… I’m already working on new tunes! These days with home studios it’s pretty easy to get songs or at least ideas together very quickly.

CV: What's coming up next for A New Revenge…where do you go from here?
KK: Hope to tour the end of the year, make another CD in 2010 and be creative

CV: Thank you again for spending some time talking and sharing with our readers. I wish you all the best and continued success.
KK: Thank you as well my man!

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