Internet Radio: Today's Modern Music Platform part 3 - Interview with DJ Wade Banks from WADIO - Wade Radio

by Mick Michaels

Internet Radio has made the seemingly impossible possible for all artists... establishing a platform that has no limits and where no one is denied access. But more so than it's ability to reach millions worldwide in a single click and its non-discriminate playlists, we find at the helm the DJs who fight the good fight to get the music heard. Most often with little to no show budget, it is a labor of love driven by passion for the music and a deep respect for the artist.
I spoke to three current Internet DJs, asking them each the same set of 10 questions.  One thing was evident; it's all about sharing the music.

Interview 3: DJ Wade Banks from WADIO - Wade Radio

COSMICK VIEW: Hello Wade! Welcome to the Cosmick View. Thank you for taking some time out of your day to chat with me, it is greatly appreciated.

CV: How did you get started in internet radio?
WADE BANKS: I suggested to Iradio USA that they do a local radio show when I was a guest.  They suggested that it be ME that does a show!

CV: Is it more than just spinning MP3s?
WB: Absolutely, it is also about promoting shows… locally, regionally.

CV: What sets your show apart from other internet radio shows?
WB: Not sure it does…LOL!

CV: Biggest challenge being an interview radio host?
WB: Getting bands to promote THE SCENE instead of just (promoting) THEIR BAND.

CV: Most outrageous interviews you have conducted?
WB: Corners of Sanctuary was my first phone interview… Frank Guy was pretty fun.

CV: Most memorable guest(s)?
WB: Corners of Sanctuary and Megahertz.

CV: Is there an artist or band you won't invite back on your show? You don't need to name names, but share with us as to why this particular band/artist won't get a second invite.
WB: Yes… had the singer from a punk band on that suggested worldwide, voluntary suicide… kinda nutty idea.

CV: If you had only five songs to choose to play for every show, what would they be?
WB:  Corners of Sanctuary: "Hyde No More",
Black Dawn: "I Wanna Fly", White Knuckle Riot: "Diseased and Blinded", Cracked Alice: "Burn" and Borgo Pass: "Rotten Chain".

CV: Who is someone you would like to interview that you haven't?
WB: Lee Lueken of Permanent Scar and many others.

CV: Biggest highlight for you being a DJ?
WB: The numbers rising… people actually listening.

CV: Thank you again for spending some time talking and sharing with our readers. I wish you all the best and continued success.

Tune in and listen:
WADIO- Wade Radio


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