Interview with Granny 4 Barrel Matriarch, Granny

By Mick Michaels

COSMICK VIEW: Hello, Granny! Welcome to The Cosmick View. Thank you for taking some time out of your day to chat with me, it’s greatly appreciated.
CV: Granny, “The Matriarch of Metal,” is a rebellious old girl for sure...she does what she does and makes no bones about it. What do you find makes her tick?
Granny: Thanks for having me I sure do appreciate it! Yes you could say that for sure!
First and foremost the power and truth of rock is what makes me tick! Music is powerful...I love being able to express my emotions and create unique art. I also like to push buttons and give the middle finger to stereotypes...That makes me tick as well!

CV: Is there any concern about offending people especially in today’s overly critical, politically correct society?
Granny: You are certainly right about an overly critical/politically correct society these days! Folks just want to be understood and heard and respected…..And because of this sensitivities are high. I say celebrate your uniqueness and to each his own. However there will always be someone that doesn’t understand me or what I am doing. But I don’t let that stop me from expressing myself in the ways that I need to as an artist. In fact when someone hates on me that just validates my uniqueness!

CV: In your opinion, could Granny 4 Barrel actually represent the underlying politically incorrect nature of each of us? Is there a little of Granny in everyone?
Granny: LOL... This is why I like you so much! There is an element of Granny that is just that and that’s why folks easily relate to the character. I laugh at the illusion that some people think they’re politically correct. Because everybody deep down has someone or something that they don’t dig, which is fine. Why do some people think that everybody has to agree or like everyone or everything? I mean, c’mon we’re talkin’ about humans here...that’s just not sustainable! I’m not talking about hatin’ on folks or disrespect, I’m just talking about the fact that not everybody has to have the same tastes or like everyone or everything…it’s ok to disagree! However, don’t get me wrong I support diversity and freedom of expression… Never forget that!
Granny recommends that people outta try to be cooler to each other.

CV: How would you define Granny 4 Barrel's particular sound and's not all just shtick and shock? Is there a message?
Granny: The sound has its origins in old-school metal. But it’s also a hybrid of influences including industrial and electronic sounds. The main thing that you can always count on is that it will be heavy and the songs will kick ass!

Yes, there is a true to yourself. We’re talking about music and we’re talking about art here. At all costs it has to be honest. G4B is about freedom of expression and saying fuck off to stereotypes. I mean look at the character of Granny, she’s pushing gender buttons, age discrimination buttons and crushing a myriad of stereotypes on a nightly basis!

CV: How does the band maintain such an even balance between the high levels of theatrics and the overall quality of music? Is it difficult?
Granny: It’s not difficult to maintain. I mean there is the element of work
and effort that is involved in creating a great show and great songs… but that’s about holding yourself accountable and raising the bar. The theatrics are part of the show equal with the music. This is the entertainment business I want to give fans a great experience and transport them into an otherworldly experience each night.

CV: Is one more important than the other when balancing the music with public persona? Does one take precedence or are the two linked so tightly that they are one in the same at this point?
Granny: We are a theatrical rock band… Like I answered in the previous question, the visual aspect of the band is equally important as the music! Absolutely they are linked tightly together in one complete piece of artistic expression.

CV: The new single "Nitro Sexy" just released.  The song is a riptide of steroid induced horsepower and mayhem... geriatric style of course. How do you see the new track taking Granny 4 Barrel into the second half of 2019? Is there more to come?
Granny: That’s a great description LOL! Yeah she’s a beast of a song!!So far the track is killing it at radio… Sirius XM Octane is blazing the fuck out of it every day and people are loving it! It’s such a great feeling to experience this. I’ll have you know that Granny is sitting on a shit load of killer tracks like this...can’t wait for you to hear it them!    

CV: Do you see the band's image as a way to initially draw fans in? Or is the music itself looked at as being the sole draw?
 Granny: Again, the music and the look of the band are equally linked together into one piece of theatrical sonic art. The idea of a crazy old woman fronting a heavy metal band is certainly something that hasn’t been done before...That doesn’t hurt when trying to grab people’s attention. The music is very strong, our hope is that when people hear the music for the first time they think that it’s bad ass. And then when they see what the band actually looks like that’s just a bonus…Vice a versa with the image… The two are equal…neither can be compromised!
CV: Granny 4 Barrel definitely has its ducks in a row...a grabbing look and powerful chops to boot. But can an image be a long-term sustainable prospect alone for any band? Doesn't it sooner or later have to come down to the punch and power of the music that gives that lasting effect?
Granny: It’s a great question that you’re asking but I think that it’s important to look at bands like Kiss, Alice Cooper etc. These bands have a look and a sound, you cannot separate them. It’s who they are…it is all part of the art that they created. If Alice Cooper didn’t dress like Alice Cooper and do the things that Alice Cooper does… and sing about the things Alice sings about...well, it wouldn’t be the same project… It would be something different.
Make no mistake, songs have to be well written and be able to stand on their own. A band can’t get by with a cool image and shitty songs. But those legendary bands I just mentioned don’t have that problem. Neither does Granny 4 Barrel… we will always give our friends and fans our very best!

CV: How would you describe the band's success in a seemingly over-saturated music market?
Granny: I think that we offer something unique in that we are a theatrical heavy metal band… We work very hard to create original art and quality music. What we are doing is honest, true and powerful....And let’s not forget fun! The rock ‘n’ roll children totally understand Granny 4 Barrel… they’re crazy like Granny and they like to have a good time!

CV: In addition to the music, touring and videos, can you see Granny 4 Barrel's unique blend of art and theatrics branching out into other mediums...maybe a web TV series, podcasting or even comic books?
Granny: You’ve been reading my mind! Absolutely think of how much fun a Granny TV show/video game/comic book would be!  LOL      

CV: What's next for Granny?
Granny: More touring and writing killer songs! We have been writing with legendary producer David Bendeth (Killswitch, Breaking Benjamin, I Prevail) If the readers don’t know who this guy is go check out his Wikipedia… He is one of the keys to helping create the unique sound that is G4B!            
CV: Thank you again Granny for spending some time talking and sharing with our readers. I wish you all the best and continued success.
Granny: I sure do appreciate you giving the interview and asking cool questions. It’s nice for a journalist to want to dig into the inner workings of G4B! Thank YOU!!!

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