Interview with Prophets of Addiction's Lesli Sanders

By Mick Michaels

COSMICK VIEW: Hello, Lesli! Welcome to The Cosmick View. Thank you for taking some time out of your day to chat with me, it’s greatly appreciated.
Lesli Sanders: Thank you for having me, I appreciate it much.

CV: Every so many years, it seems that what was old is new you see this as a trend in the music industry as well? Does everything come full circle?

LS: I dont think so, as it can never be the same as when something was new, fresh and exciting. Times have changed, people have changed and their priorities regarding the dream have dissipated. The business model is completely different as well. 

CV: Lesli, having such an eclectic musical background, do you see Prophets of Addiction differently than any previous project you have been involved with? Is there a difference?
LS: Not really, the people have changed, the songs have changed. but in reality. I have just always done what I do and still can't seem to get it right.

CV: Are you different? How do you see yourself now as compared to a former version of you? Has what's important to you changed in anyway?
LS: Of course I amI'm old HAHA. Yeah it's more about the music and not about the party. Yes a lot has changed with my thought process and my views on life and what are my priorities, however my desire to play music, write songs and tour has never diminished.

CV: In your opinion, is the Sunset Strip as alive as ever? Or has time dulled its once cutting edge sword of music mystique?

LS: Yeah those days are long over. That was a time that will not be replicated. It was a cultural thing to never be duplicated, a lifestylepeople willing to risk everything for that one shot. It was dangerous, it was fun, and it was living and exciting. But you had to be part of it, it wouldn't have been the same viewed through social media.

CV: Experience in any field is worth its weight in gold and then some. In your experience Lesli, what makes a good song good and a great song great? Is it all a formula or is it something else...something deeper?
LS: I am not even really sure how one would define a good, or great song. Is it based upon sales? Is it based upon the lives it may have touched in a positive way? I personally feel a song is never a complete song until the lyrics are done. The music's gotta have a undeniable groove that forces the listener to move, making the drummer a very important aspect and tough to find.

CV: Do you see luck playing a key role in a band's success? Or was the Roman Philosopher, Seneca, correct, stating that luck is when preparation meets opportunity? What’s been your experience?
LS: Of course luck in life can never hurt, but yeah you gotta prepare for that one chanceyou don't know who's watching and that includes all aspects of life.

CV: Do you look at Prophets of Addiction as a second shot at a dream or more as a continuation of your diverse and colorful musical saga?
LS: Its just me continuing to do what I love to do, the title may change but the feelings stay the same. It has become so much of who I am and what I doits just feels so natural.

CV: Many critics feel today's music is a far cry from its former self. In your opinion, does music today have the same substance and veracity as it did in previous eras or is something missing like the critics claim?
LS: If you mean new bands or acts, then really I dont have much of an answer. It just seems these days I would rather strum an acoustic and fuck around with something I have been working on than listen to the radio or whatever.

CV: Let's talk about "Nothing but the Truth." There’s a lot of back story leading up to the album’s recording and release. Tell us a bit about it and why the decision was made to make it an acoustic release.
LS: That's the story that takes a while HAHA. Long story short; had a excellent new drummerstarted working on a new record, he became ill, G.G. and I decided to still play the 2 tours that yearone with another guy on drums and one with us just performing acoustic. We wanted to give him (the drummer) time to see if he would heal and we could start back up where we left off. So we continued with more acoustic tours and then naturally we decided lets make a record.

CV: For a lot of songwriters, their music is their story. Do you see "Nothing but the Truth" as being on the lines of autobiographical?  Was there a story to be told?
LS: Yeah the songs are always stories. Some more obvious and others tell the story in a double entendre. The stories there are many.

CV: Lesli, has your time with Phil Soussan influenced your musical writing and style any…and if so, how would you describe the change?
LS: Phil is just the total pro with everything he does including being a top notch person. It has been a pleasure to work with him so many times over the years and an even greater privilege to call him a friend. We also both share the same birthday June 23rdhe is a bit older however. HAHA

CV: With delays behind the band now, how has work on the new Prophets of Addiction album been going?
LS: Yeah I have been messing around with a lot of ideas. I had hoped to write this with a group of guys in a room. Really want the next rock record to be something a bit different.

CV: What do you feel will be considered, by fans and critics, as the defining aspect of this new record…the point that sets it apart from previous works?
LS: Im not sure actually but thats what I am trying and planning on doing. The ideas I am having are changing daily as my thoughts keep changing.

CV: When can fans expect its release?
LS: Not really sure yet as I am also dealing with my father who is ill with cancer. I have become his full time care provider and all touring etc., must wait for now. This is something important and I will do what I can to help him and never have any regret.

CV: In your opinion Lesli, what's the one thing that the music industry offers that no other industry does?
LS: I know what it offered me. An adventure that I could of never dreamed of. Sometimes I get down, then I think, wow if I was 16 - 17 years old,  you told me some things I have done, I would of said I was satisfied beyond belief

CV: What's next for you and Prophets of Addiction?
LS: Just to keep on making music, wanna make a movie, been working on that.

CV: Thank you again Lesli for spending some time talking and sharing with our readers. It has been a pleasure. I wish you all the best and continued success.
LS: THANK YOU so much.
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