20 Questions with Imagika guitarist Steve Rice

By Mick Michaels

COSMICK VIEW: Hello, Steve! Welcome to 20 Questions with The Cosmick View. Thank you for taking some time out of your day to chat with me, it's greatly appreciated.

CV: What drives you to continue to create?
Steve Rice: It’s just something that pours out and is a constant thing…is always scratching on my back. It’s an addiction.

CV: Was music your first love?
SR: No. But it came after me when I was about 12. 

CV: Would you say music has made you the person you are today?
SR: Definitely. It defines everything I do day to day.

CV: Could you see yourself doing something completely different other than music? If so, what would that be?
SR: A professional chef since my next great love is cooking…OK eating! HA!

CV:  Which artist has inspired you the most?
SR: Probably Ritchie Blackmore and Phil Lynott. Both were/are icons of Rock. It’s the attitude. Timeless…classic.

CV: Non artist…who has been your biggest influence?
SR: Lucifer…I like the defiance and the calling out bullshit aspect of his fall from grace.

CV: Was/Is your family supportive with your musical pursuits?
SR: They don’t have a choice do they?!

CV: What do you find inspires your music the most as a songwriter?
SR: The evil that men do.

CV: What's your go to album for motivation? Why that album?
SR: “Unleashed In the East” by Priest…everything that Heavy Metal should be… leather, smoke, bombs, double bass drums, killer leads, screaming vocals. Modern Metal owes Priest a royalty check.

CV: Some of your favorite artists... past and present, who are they?
SR: All the usual greats of Metal/Rock: UFO, Thin Lizzy, Zep, Priest, Maiden, Sabbath, etc.

CV: The one album you feel every Metalhead should own and why? 
SR: Paranoid by Sabbath defined it all.

CV: What do you consider is a defining moment in Heavy Metal history and why is it significant… how did it impact the genre?
SR: Like I just said, Black Sabbath’s second album was the benchmark for Metal… Can’t be touched.

CV: Who would you like to work with if given the opportunity?
SR: Has to be a singer because I’m a guitarist so probably living: Halford… Dead: Dio.

CV: What do you feel are the top three things it takes to make it in the music business as an artist?
SR: Money, Money, Money… Everything cost money. Your talent, and there are tons of people with talent, is nothing compared to buying your way to the top. Every great band has done it. Their talent was just the backup plan. So kids, have a rich uncle or win the lottery or sign a huge record deal. Good luck.

CV: There has been a lot of remarks among established rockers these days regarding young, up and coming bands, that they don't stand a chance at making a career with music into today's industry... what do you think?
SR: True. Hence my last answer. There are a million Youtube monkeys that can shred, scream, kill it on drums, but their music is shit or they live in their bedroom.    

CV: As an artist, what do you feel are your strengths?
SR: Tenacity… I just won’t go away even though I probably should! HA!

CV: What do you think separates bands of today from bands of the past?
Mediocrity… If I have to hear one more Symphonic fronted female Pop Metal band or Death Metal clone 101 band, I’ll puke.

CV: With so many iconic women eligible for induction into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, such as Pat Benatar, Cher and Carly Simon among others, why do you think women are often being overlooked?
SR: Cher isn’t rock so out she goes. It is the Rock and Roll HOF or so they say. Carly Simon? Hate her voice so I’ll be taking the 5th. Are Heart already in? Anne is a bad ass…should be a no brainer. Pat Benatar needs to be in.

CV: We hear so much negative commentary regarding today's overall music industry. What's your take on it? Is Rock really dead?
SR: Nope…never will be… Youth = rebellion which = rock. Simple. Rap, EDM, Pop, etc. can try to lay claim, but those genres are shit in the long run.

CV: What’s next for you?
SR: A beer after this interview

CV: Thank you again Steve for spending some time talking and sharing with
our readers. I wish you all the best and continued success.

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